Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lasha Jackson - 2001 - Can't Do Wrong Right

1. Helpin' Hand (Feat. O'Brian Woodard)
2. Rodeo Cowboy
3. Thing Called Love
4. Sneakin And Freakin With My D.J.
5. Two Pair Of Hands
6. Dance 'Til Daylight
7. Put It Right There
8. Who's Been Coockin In My Kitchen?
9. Can I Get Seconds?
10. Can This Be Real?
11. Can't Do Wrong Right (Feat. Charles Jones)
12. Don't Fall In Love With A Stranger
13. Can I Depend On You?
14. I Wish She Didn't Tell Me So Much
15. Get' Yo Candy Where U Spend Your Time
16. Bad Days

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