Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ametria - 2000 - It's Not About Me

1. God Is So Good
2. Prayer Changes Things (Feat. Pam Olivia)
3. Wait (Feat. Wanya Morris)
4. No Weapon
5. His Love (Feat. Brenda Kelly)
6. Come To Me (Feat. Latralle Simmons & Natalie Wilson)
7. I Find Shelter (Feat. Darrell Crawford & The Fulliment Choir)
8. It's Not About Me (Feat. Craig Travis)
9. Only The Beginning (Feat. Benny "Dada" Tillman & Terri Robinson)
10. This Is My Prayer (Feat. Demetrius Hunter & J.J. Carn)
11. What The World Needs (Feat. JoJo Hailey)
12. Touched By An Angel (Feat. Geeny "Pepper" Swinson, Paulette McWilliams & Elizabeth Withers)

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