Saturday, September 22, 2012

Al Jay - 1998 - Smooth And Sensuous Plus

1. I've Got A Feeling
2. I've Got A Feeling (Reprise) (Feat. James Booker On Bass Guitar)
3. Don't Cry (Don't Say Goodbye) (Feat. Cassandra Hale & Mildred McCrary)
4. Slipping In Early
5. I'm Through Crying (It's Your Time Now) (Feat. Yolanda "Yo Yo" Burch)
6. Intro "Out Of Gas Again"
7. Running On Empty (Feat. Al Jay On Bass Guitar)
8. Running On E (Low Rider's Mix)
9. I've Got A Feeling (Instr. Club Mix)
10. Do Tha Gangsta Dance (Radio Version)

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