Saturday, March 19, 2016

Willie ''P-Dub'' Moore - 2011 - The Turning Point

1. We Winning (Feat. Bizzle)
2. We Need Ya Doc! (Feat. Terrance Price)
3. Young, Fly And Saved (Feat. Dmaub, Canton Jones & Bizzle) (Remix)
4. Get There (Feat. J.R.)
5. Swag A Lil' Bit
6. Turning Point Interlude (Feat. Bishop Coleman)
7. Find Rest (Feat. Paul Greenlee)
8. I'm Prayin'
9. Mississippi Shine (Feat. David Banner)
10. Ced "The Entertainment" Angel - Skit
11. Angel
12. Do It Big (Feat. Rikdikulous Bolden)
13. Feel Like Praising (Feat. Dr. F. James Clark)
14. Still U Love Me
15. Dream On (Feat. Bizzle & Pastor Blunt)
16. Sex & Compassion (Spoken Word) (Feat. Robby Jerome)
17. Wait For The Ring

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