Sunday, April 10, 2016

Loot - 2014 - Still Rollin'

1. Come On Girl (Feat. Kadice) (Remix)
2. Backstroke
3. Party Like It's You Last
4. Shake Ya Ass
5. I Just Wanna Dance With You
6. Be Careful Who You're Lovin'
7. No One Compares
8. Must Be The Thug In Me
9. Tell Me If You Wanna Love
10. We Can Go To Mars (Feat. Kadice)
11. I Don't Give A Damn
12. Hit It From The Side (Feat. Jay Jay)
13. Unbreakable
14. The Choice Is Yours
15. Propa Luv
16. Body 2 Body
17. Loot Is Gonna Luv Ya
18. That Bruva Called Loot (Remix)

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