Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gregg D. Moore - 2016 - Love & Relationships, Vol. I

1. Work Your Body (Feat. Carez Harris)
2. Can I Take You Home (Feat. D-Mac)
3. He's My Man (Feat. Kenya)
4. I Need You (Feat. Martha Buries)
5. What Kind Of Man (Feat. Frank McComb)
6. Deeper (Feat. Johnny Adkison)
7. Twosome (Feat. Kenya & Johnny Adkison)
8. The Woman You Are (Feat. Frank McComb)
9. I Can Take You There (Feat. Johnny Adkison)
10. Emotionally Unavailable (Feat. Liz Mikel, Rudy Vee & D-Mac)
11. Let Me Go (Feat. Martha Buries)
12. The Decision (Feat. D-Mac)
13. Are You There (Feat. D-Mac)
14. Deeper (Extended Version) (Feat. Johnny Adkison)
15. Twosome (Extended Version) (Feat. Kenya & Johnny Adkison)

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