1. Hello, this is Bruce Gardner. I wanted to say thanks for posting my music on your page. Need all the exposure I can receive. Wanted to give you a look and listen to one of my new tunes off of my second ep "The Soulbruva Sessions Vol. 1". Hope that you Enjoy. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing anthology of soul music! Your knowledge is mind-blowingly impressive. Even more outstanding, you share it for the LOVE, not even asking for a single penny. Companies like TIME and others make these Soul Collections charging and arm and a leg while barely even scratching the surface of the breadth of information you've provided here. This list is invaluable to American music history and urban culture. I've took the liberty of saving your archives in pdf format in order to guarantee their permanent availability and share this stellar compilation with soul music enthusiasts and lovers (Giving all due credit and explicitly labeling them as 100% intellectual property owned by DJ Soulio of course). Once again, thank you for sharing your outstanding knowledge with us!

    1. You really got writting skills, appreciate the nice words. Happy you like my work and hope to have you around for a long time because there's much more to be published. If I need someone in the future to write reviews for the music on this site I know who I'll contact that for. Thanks again. I hope your day will be as nice as you made mine.


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