Friday, November 8, 2013

Bobby Washington - 1999 - Drippin Wet

1. Intro
2. Feel My Body "It's Da B-O-BB-Y" (Feat. Demo (Of Raw Souls))
3. Ooh, You're So Fly (Feat. Deja)
4. A Never Ending Story
5. Papers On You
6. The One For You (Feat. Christy Luv)
7. Mature (Feat. Dazstruction (Of Raw Souls))
8. The Feeling I Have (Feat. Ra-n)
9. Drippin Wet (Sax Solo Maitias Oxidine)
10. How Much Is It? "To Let A Fella Hit" (Feat. Raw Souls)
11. My Lady
12. Every Inch Of Me
13. Feel My Body (Feat. Boogie Nite)
14. Thank You

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