Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stick - 2000 - The Man And His Music

1. Destiny Previews
2. Intro "Head 2 Da Sky"
3. On And On (Feat. DDS)
4. 2000 (Feat. Flip Da Sript & DDS)
5. The Good Old Days (Feat. Fesu & Flip Da Script)
6. Bounce That Thang (Feat. Flip Da Script)
7. Hater's Interlude
8. On Top Of My Game (Feat. DDS)
9. Let Me Be The One (Feat. Shggh & Monique)
10. Who's The Papa (Feat. Pa Pa Reu & Tremendous)
11. The Madd Singer
12. Ain't No High (Feat. O Flava Psi)
13. If I Say I Love You (Feat. O Flava Psi)
14. A Man's Plea (Feat. Platinum)
15. Have A Little Fun (Feat. San Diego)
16. If You Were Here 2 Night (Feat. Eric Gable)
17. Get Down (Feat. Felicia (Of The Mo Thugs Family)
18. Outro "The Stick Speaks"

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