Thursday, June 16, 2016

Khayree - 1997 - The Blackalation (The World Is Yours)

1. Welcome To The Blackalation
2. Mista Mista Dopeman (Feat. Big Syke (Of Thug Life))
3. The World Is Yours (Feat. Alf, Sleepdank & Young Dre)
4. Back 2 My Mission (Feat. Mac Dre)
5. Slow Ya Role (Feat. The Group No Name Yet)
6. It's Alright (Feat. Ray Luv & The Link Crew)
7. Elevate Your Game (Feat. JT The Bigga Figga, Jabbari, Dubee AKA Sugawolf & Dosha)
8. All We Do (Feat. The Confident One)
9. Thangs You Do (Feat. Problem Child & Shima)
10. Pass Days (Feat. Moozaliny (Of Thug Life))
11. It's Rainin' Game (Feat. Mac Dre & Fery)
12. Ah Little Somethin' (Feat. Shima)
13. Livin' That Life (Feat. Mac Dre)
14. Clap To This (Feat. The Group No Name Yet)
15. Black Man's Prayer (Feat. Anthony A.K. King)
16. I Lose Control (Feat. Anthony A.K. King)

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