Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keith Johnson - 2016 - A Dream Come True

1. You Should Be
2. Marry Me
3. She's A Gold Digger
4. I Kiss Our Love Goodbye
5. No Need To Go
6. Lil' Sista
7. A Dream Come True
8. I Wanna (Feat. Ashe)
9. Hurt You Again (Wadz Remix)
10. A Walk In The Park
11. Bombacious
12. Be As One
13. Miss Independent (Feat. Haze Paladin) (Robot Junior's Disco Club Mix)
14. A Dream Come True (Feat. Ashe) (D-Funk Hip Hop Remix)
15. I Wanna (Feat. Ashe) (D-Funk Remix)
16. Marry Me (D-Funk Remix)
17. You Should Be (Feat. Shawn Biel) (Hip Hop Version)
18. A Dream Come True (D-Funk R&B Remix)

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