Sunday, June 17, 2018

Brian Alexander - 2008 - My Rhythm, My Blues, My Rules

1. Transformation Complete: Code Name: Brian Alexander (Intro)
2. You Can Do It (Feat. Knowledge Calhoun)
3. Fatal Attraction
4. Juz Chill Tonite (Feat. Swish-G)
5. The Way You Move (Feat. Jaxon)
6. Nobody Better For You (Feat. LP)
7. What Lovers Do
8. Brian Alexander And The Buttatones (Interlude)
9. Appreciation
10. Ol' School Lovin' (Feat. Mindright And Knucklehead)
11. Something's Going On
12. Never Forget
13. A Little More Time
14. Case Dismissed (Feat. Annie And One-O)
15. Lyin' To Me
16. Confession Of A Cheater
17. The Good Ol'e Days (Feat. Scott Dogg)
18. Take You There

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