Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elisha La'Verne - 2001 - Greatest Hits & Remixes (2CD) (Japan Release)

Disc 1 >> Greastes Hits
1. I May Be Single
2. I'm Not Dreaming
3. Give Me A Reason
4. Don't Wanna Fall In Love
5. Elisha Is Not At Home
6. Say Yeah!
7. Your Love Sends Me
8. I'm Still Here
9. Broken Heart
10. I Don't Mind
11. So Very Hot
12. Back Together Again (Duet With Maxi Priest)
13. I Like
14. You Are The One
15. Change Your Way
16. Creepin' Out

Disc 2 >> Greates Remixes
1. I May Be Single (Ocean Breeze Mix)
2. I'm Not Dreaming (N43º Remix)
3. Give Me A Reason (Giant Swing Remix)
4. I Don't Mind (Pacific Ocean Breeze Remix)
5. You Are The One (Da 12")
6. Change Your Way (Gota's Extended Club Mix)
7. So Very Hot (Urban Star 2000 Mix)
8. I May Be Single (2B3 R&B Mix)
9. I'm Not Dreaming (Giant Swing Mix)
10. You Are Not Alone (Giant Swing Mix)
11. Change Your Way (Maestro-T "Change Your Beat" Mix)
12. Creepin' Out (Full Crew Mix)

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