Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tom E. Morgan - 2010 - Tell Me What You Want

1. There's A Feeling That I Got (Intro)
2. This O
3. Hey Boo
4. Soul Eloquence (9:03 PM)
5. What's Going On
6. Rise Up (Don't Wait)
7. Say, Peace
8. A Lover's Storm (Ooh Na, Na, Na) (From The Short Film BADMAN)
9. Live It Down (Dat Single's Single)
10. Tell Me What U Want (I Ain't Psychic)
11. Rhapsody In Boo
12. Tell A Phone (From The Short Film BADMAN)
13. Live It Down (Dat Extended Ass Mix) (Feat. O G Stunna & Steve Gostling)
14. Ooze And Thank Uze

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