Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Woody Rock - 2002 - Soul Music

1. My Homey (Feat. Dru Hill)
2. No Matter What (Feat. Case)
3. The Question Is (Feat. Men Of Standard)
4. Everybody (Feat. Gospel Gangstaz)
5. Good To Be Alive (Feat. Mary Mary)
6. Testimony
7. I Won't Complain (Mommy Tribute)
8. Believer (Feat. BBJ)
9. A Friend In Me
10. A New Thing (Feat. Natalie Wilson & The S.O.P. Chorale)
11. How Can I Desert You (Feat. Ruff Endz & Ruscola)
12. Clap Your Hands (Feat. DJ Tony Boston)
13. Yes, Lord (Interlude)

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